What Is a Prearranged Funeral?

A prearranged funeral is arrangement made prior to a death. It is a practical way of determining your wishes for your own funeral or for the funeral of a person for whom you are responsible.

What are the Advantages of a Prearranged Funeral?

The prearranged funeral is part of sensible estate planning. It is a time for you to be sure you fully understand what services are performed and the costs involved. With this information in hand, you can make thoughtful, informed decisions which will serve as a guide for family and friends.

Who should Prearrange A Funeral?

Everyone should consider a prearranged funeral, regardless of age or background. The type of people who prearrange will vary, from the retired couple to the you married couple, to the single person with no family connections, to someone responsible for the care of another. All realize that the time to plan a funeral is now.

Can a Prearranged Funeral Be Paid For In Advance?

Yes. Although there are no requirements to prepay when you prearrange a funeral, you may wish to consider doing so. The Funeral Directors' and Establishments Act requires the funeral director to deposit the prepaid funds in a trust account with a bank, trust company, credit union or the Guaranteed Funeral Deposits of Ontario (fraternal) until the services are required.

Statistical Information to provide to your Funeral Director:

The following statistical information about the person whose funeral is being arranged will be requested:

  • name, address, birth date and birth place
  • social insurance number
  • the full name of the individual (and maiden name if applicable), and his/her birth place
  • name and address of executor, legal representative and next-of-kin