Alexx Grave


Alexx was born into trauma having survived a difficult birth, heart failure followed by two open heart surgeries, all before the age of 4 months. Sick Kids hospital was her place for months. For them we are profoundly grateful. She has suffered mightily since. Most would describe young Alexx as quirky, hilarious, wise, a loner, deep-thinking and above all else truly so concerned about others. Even with all this trauma Alex lived her young life with zest and the ability to touch people in a unique way. She loved the elderly and loved to listen to their stories. But, as often follows childhood trauma, Alexx would soon begin to struggle in school, with learning disabilities and mental health challenges. In her teenage years Alexx began to self-medicate and harm herself. She was ultimately diagnosed with the very challenging diagnosis of  Borderline Personality Disorder. And so begins a pathway to hardcore drugs, living on the streets and self-distruction. Alexx overdosed on Heroin/Fentanyl on June 3 and leaves behind a family, her parents Stephen & Karen and sisters Mackenzie & Jordan that have been mourning the loss of sweet, sweet Alexx for over half her life. Alexx was an old soul her whole life, perhaps foreshadowing a short life. She would want her story to resonate with people, that her life would not be in vain. She would want no Funeral Home sugar coating of a difficult life. She would want her truth told as it was, that it might speak to someone reading this; that it might touch someone, rescue someone, make someone take pause and consider another path. We, her family, understand that this is no ordinary death notice but instead a call to arms, that you, the reader,  might feel her story to the depths of your soul and begin to see the plight of the homeless, the addicted and those struggling with mental health issues. This hardcore drug addict was once a blonde four year old with a bowl cut and a zipper scar on her sternum. She deserved the best of life.

Her memory will be best served with donations to The Back Door Mission, Bethesda House, Denise House, Durham Mental Health, Ontario Shores or Sick Kids’ Hospital’s Cardiac ward.